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Loss of Erection - When It's Hard to Get Hard

Erectile Loss

A man who is impotent cannot become sexually stimulated or produce an erection at all. Erection dysfunction on the other hand, takes place when a man can become sexually excited but cannot maintain the erection long enough for ejaculation or for a complete sexual experience.

Along with the actual dysfunction itself, many men also develop a fear of losing their erections, which creates so much anxiety, it actually increases the problem.

Some Common Reasons For Erection Loss

There are many reasons for erection loss. One may be venus leakage, a physiological condition in which there is leakage of blood flow (which creates an erection) out of the penis resulting in a wilting erection.

Other reasons include tiredness and fatigue which cause focus problems during sex. Excessive drinking and even over eating have also been linked with a man's inability to maintain an erection. Anxieties, whether related to business or money can rob a man of his good sexual feelings and keep him distracted.

Low self esteem can affect sexual performance, as can relationship problems between couples. If two partners cannot discuss things or talk about their sex life without an argument erupting, then of course sexual performance will be dampened. In order for sex to take place, an emotional connection must first be established and maintained.

When Things Get Hard

A man will notice that the happier he is, the less stress he experiences in his life, the better his sex life will become. He may want to examine other issues in addition to sexual dysfunction. It's possible that he is suffering from some anxiety, resentment, inadequate foreplay, or the frustration of poor communication.

Occasional erection loss is nothing to be worried about. No man has a lifetime of perfect erections, and if he is enduring a particularly stressful week, then his penis might be just as tired and fatigued as he is. During these times it is important for him not take the episode too seriously; knowing that even when he lacks an erection, he can still bring pleasure to his partner. Communication is vital here, so that both partners can understand what is happening and work together as a supportive team to restore good health and an active sex life.

However, if you notice that erection-loss is becoming a consistent problem then professional assistance may be required. Sexual therapy can help in these matters. A sex therapist can help an individual or a couple come to terms with various sexual dysfunctions, including erection loss. The factor to evaluate is whether the erection loss is a psychological or physical issue.

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