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Erectile Dysfunction and Treatment of ED With Natural Remedies

Erectile dysfunction is characterized by the inability to maintain erection. In the event that the patient has been normal erection early in the morning or during sleep, this demonstrates the causes of psychogenic nature, while the absence of such erection pointed to the existence of the disease, often cardiovascular pathology. Another leading cause of erectile dysfunction can be diabetes mellitus (causing neuropathy) and gipogonadism (reduction of testosterone due to disease of hypophysis or testicles). In many cases, erectile dysfunction is curable.

The causes of erectile dysfunction can be psychological or physiological. If there are psychological causes of ED, can help all what patient believes. That is an extremely effective placebo. An important cause of impotence is the excessive use of alcohol; this phenomenon described even Shakespeare in Macbeth. In 70-th of the last century appeared penis implants, which provide a stable erection. The first pharmacologically effective drugs to treat impotence was Viagra (sildenafil) appeared in 90-th of the last century and is not only record sales but also the object of public attention. But there are lots of Viagra shortcomings. There are serious side effects.

For treatment of ED also apply natural herbal remedies, which now get great demand. What are the natural remedies? Natural remedies are the remedies which consist only of natural components and have no chemicals, which in turn is absolutely safe for health. In fact, these drugs are analogues of medicine drugs. But their basic advantages over the medicine drugs in that they are: no any side effects, absolutely safe for health, well absorb by organism, inexpensive compared with medicine drugs. Moreover they do not need prescription. You decide take them or not. At the moment there are herbal drugs superior Viagra. It's new generation of highly effective herbal drugs by which some people are completely cured of erectile dysfunction. The biggest plus of these herbal drugs is that they affect the problem in general. That is the general state of health is improving along with erection. This is confirmed by numerous researches. People with light or moderate degree of erectile dysfunction very easily cured with the help of herbal drugs. So if you are having problems with erection, should not panic just try herbal remedies.

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